About Intimacy Is and Sair Gryphon

IntimacyIs.com is the lovechild of Sair Gryphon and Life.

Sair Gryphon has been on an intentional personal growth journey for as long as they remember. Now, that journey has ended – not at a destination, but at a realization that there is no destination. There is a dance, and they are mid-dance-move, even as you read this.

There is a Here and Now, and it’s beautiful in its simplicity. There is Love, already here, already flowing forth from the deepest place inside. There is Love, already surrounding, holding, embracing everyone and everything.

Sair IS Love … and so are you.

Sair Gryphon nuzzles with a soft flower in a cafe.Photo by Sair Gryphon

Sair Gryphon: "I’m aware that it’s pointless to say to someone who feels unloved and alone, cutoff from life, that ‘Love is here now’. It would have been pointless for me to hear that at many points of my life. It wasn’t my experience, it wasn’t real, it seemed like lying mumbo jumbo.

I’ve journeyed, step by step, from places of inner agony, intermittent rage outbursts, hatred and distrust of humans (and myself), reoccurring hopeless depression, wild mood swings, numbness, ever-present underlying fear and anxiety, self harm, and suicide attempts.

I’ve journeyed through many self-development phases, always driven to escape a core sense of ‘badness’ and ‘unlovability’. More than anything, I’ve longed to be loved (I felt unlovable), and to love others (though I was running on fumes with little to give).

My Love Relationships:

For those who enjoy psychology’s Attachment Theory I’ve journeyed from a starting point of Fearful Avoidant Attachment toward an Earned Secure Attachment. I know firsthand the terror and despair that such a transition moves through, repeatedly.

I have so much compassion for those of us who long for healthy intimate relating and face mountainous challenges … who fail, time and time again due to brain wiring from terrible childhoods. Who CAN learn to rewire their brains, and reopen their hearts, if they choose to surrender to the path of Love.

Step by Step on our Unique Love Journeys

I’m also aware that Life, and opening to Love, is a personalised journey for each of us. Insights from meta-theory Integral Theory (drawing on psychology’s Spiral Dynamics) can help us understand our starting point and how to develop into our next phase.

We travel far by taking one step at a time. First the roots, then the stem, then the flower, then the fruit. Every stage is perfect.

Knowledge Bases and Inspiration

To that end Intimacy Is draws on teachings for all stages of Life, from disciplines including spirituality, psychology, self-development, growth technologies, teaching stories, the arts, and more. ‘East’ kisses ‘West’, and each stage is honoured for what it is, and the place it plays in humanity’s (ongoing) evolution.

With wonder and deep gratitude I acknowledge that I couldn't have learned what I now know (and live out with varying but increasing degrees of success) without the learnings, teachings, modelling, attunement, and presence-power of many others. Just like all humans, I stand on the shoulders of giants, and also on the shoulders of short people! Additionally I've been taught by everyone I've been in any kind of significant relationship with (friend or enemy). I'm still learning (and always will be).

Each article is marked with the Spiral Dynamics Level it may resonate with, the teaching lineage it draws from (as far as I recall), and which of the Four Wisdom Bodies it exercises (Head / Heart / Body / Spirit). These handy keys can help you navigate skilfully toward what is right for you, right now. Or to research further online. (If a systematic approach appeals to you.)

Or intuitively travel these web-paths by what calls to you, and what catches your attention. If you don’t know how to navigate by intuition, learn how to access the power of the Dreaming.

Return, whenever you like, when it is your right timing.

Your Reaction

Above all, know that Love has called you here, and that your reaction to reading these words is very telling. It says something about your relationship with Love, right now.

Are you scoffing? Judging? Suspicious? Numbed-out? Antsy? Hopeful? Scared? Angry? Filled with joy? Suddenly sad?

Whatever you feel, let yourself feel it, notice it, and welcome it in … because it already IS. If you can’t welcome it, see if you can allow it. If you can't allow it, be with the part of you that 'can't allow it', and with how it feels.

~ Pause and be with what is. Take a moment. ~

Intimacy is right now, right this moment in timeless time. It includes everything you feel right now inside (or can’t feel), every voice speaking in your mind, every sensation your body feels (or lack of sensation), and every external event happening outside.

Start to pay intimate attention to your experiences (inner and outer). This is a keystone step, on the path home to Love."

~Sair Gryphon

PS. If you’re curious about my business model, I describe my ethos plus money making models in my Monetisation Transparency Statement.

Sair Gryphon of Intimacy Is, relaxing in nature.Sair Gryphon of Intimacy Is

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