Connection Coaching with Sair Gryphon

What is Connection Coaching?

Is your heart hurting? (You’re not alone … there’s an epidemic of heart-agony in society).

Would you like to feel more in touch with yourself, with an intimate partner, with other humans?

Do you yearn to know that you are acceptable (and wonderful) just as you are, right now, no changes needed?

Do you want to know with every fibre of your being that you belong?

That you are loved, lovable, no matter what?

Do you want access to a never-ending wellspring of Love from deep within that you can pour out on others?

Do you yearn to plug into something meaningful beyond your small-self, wisdom that can guide you, wonder that can inspire you?

Do you want to change into your true self? (a better way to say it might be to let go and rest into yourself)

Would you like to learn the power and magic of connection?

Me too, oh me too (and I have, and am - more and more each moment).

What is Connection?

Connection includes self love, relationships with fellow humans (of all kinds and closenesses), relationship to the earth and all that’s on it (and beyond, the universes), and ultimately ‘Life’ itself (you might call that God, Source, the Divine, Love, Oneness, Anything-You-Want since it has no name).

You might be interested in one, some or all of these.

You might be in touch with connection to some level or completely out of touch (but with some small yearning for it … since you are considering coaching).

Quote on blackboard - To love is to recognise yourself in another.How do you feel reading this? It can reveal your current distance to Love.

Connection Coaching: A Relationship

Connection Coaching is a specific kind of relationship, in this case between you and me (it might or might not also include your partner / family member / child / friend / group etc). The qualities of this particular relationship include:

  • Professional (you are exchanging money or other resources with me for this service. See payment options below).

  • Safe Container (I am holding space for you. This is not a mutual relationship, it is a giver > receiver one. Yet because of the wonder that is Life, I will also somehow receive goodness and learning).
  • Power Dynamic (there is a subtle power dynamic between us because I am in the teacher / leader / mentor / guide role, depending on what you project onto me, and what we bring out in each other. It’s important for me to stay aware of this and act responsibly, ethically, and lovingly. It’s important for you to stay aware of this and to the best of your ability, not give up your power (that is always there as your birthright, despite roles people play).

  • Dynamic (unlike many traditional counselling and coaching roles our coaching will be more fluid. There will be structure – that we will set together at the beginning based on your unique needs and desires. But we will be following the flow of Life, which is ever-changing and dynamic. I will be tapping into this flow and teaching you how to follow it for yourself. This is perfect because connection is dynamic, relationships are dynamic, and there is no one-right-way or structure-you-can-impose when it comes to Love. However you might need a very set structure and safe container at this time, and if that is so, that’s what we’ll do).
  • Made of both of us:

ME) I can’t coach you except from the person I am now … which is always changing.

I bring my heart which has opened wide and warmly from a beginning of frozen closedness, and has a lived and beating memory of that ongoing journey.

I bring my nervous system which can have an unspoken soothing affect on yours.

I bring my empathy which comes out of rich experiences of agony and confusion, and journeying through many worldviews and dark-nights-of-the-soul.

I bring ownership/compassion of many of my shadow-selves, meaning I can receive your darkness without judgement or drawing-back (I know darkness too). I bring commitment to own and integrate any unknown shadow-self that pops up (as opposed to spewing it onto you).

I bring my groundedness - my ability to be present in this very moment deep within my body and being … which is all I need to bring because it is the secret ingredient in any healing work. It is another name for Love.

YOU) You can’t enter into coaching except from the person you are right now. You are having particular relational experiences, and are living inside a particular worldview. I don’t want to impose anything onto you because your reality is just as it is. I want to meet you in your reality.

For that to happen I need you to dare to show up as 100% yourself (as much as you can at this time, knowing that it’s an ongoing process). I need your honesty and authenticity. I need you to bring into our session/s whatever organically comes up in you, and between us.

Life always shows up, so if you show up too, I promise I will meet you there. I will show up and be real with you (while simultaneously holding space for both of us, when that’s needed).

This mutual-realness won’t always be pleasant (it will quite possibly be challenging, and at times, very difficult). But it is real connection, it is safe here with me (though it might not feel safe), and relating-with-the-real will open your heart, beat by beat.

Coaching Formats

In-person coaching can take place at a mutually chosen location. Some possibilities include:

  • at your home
  • at my home (Northside of Melbourne, Australia)
  • in a café (I prefer the Northside of Melbourne or the cbd)
  • in a park or bushland

There are advantages and disadvantages to each location. What I can let you know is that we’ll work together with whatever challenges come up (which will build your resilience and easefulness in life … which has direct benefit for your relationships).

Sessions are usually 1-2 hours. But longer sessions can be negotiated as needful. There may be times when a longer session would benefit to help us work through big stuff.

Remote coaching can take place over video or phone:

Once again there are advantages (no travel), and disadvantages (we can’t guarantee a perfect internet connection. We’ll work with such challenges to deepen your relationship with life which nobody can control. This is the secret treasure hidden in moments of ‘connection dropout’!)

Sessions are usually 1-2 hours. But longer sessions can be negotiated as needful. There may be times when a longer session would benefit to help us work through big stuff.

Sair Gryphon at work in a sunny garden.Sair Gryphon at work

Payment Options

Coaching costs:


  • $100 AUD an hour or
  • $70 an hour concession or
  • Energy Exchange that is roughly equivalent to the above, and that we both feel good about (this means you offer me a service or resource instead of money)

Two people

Double the costs above. Or if only one member of the dyad earns income (eg. single income couple / parent and child), $150 per hour or $100 concession.


To be negotiated based on the size of the group, and other needs such as location.

Payment Plans

  • $100 an hour can be charged as $33.33 per week with us meeting every 4 weeks, and the cycle beginning again
  • $70 an hour concession can be charged as $23.33 per week with us meeting every 4 weeks
  • Or a variation of the above that has us meeting more frequently (eg You pay $50 a week and we meet every 3 weeks)

Where to Now?

Are you drawn to this coaching? There are two options from here:

  1. You’re ready to begin. Fill out the form below to arrange a session. On our first session we will determine if we’re a good fit, and it’s fine to opt out of a second session (or perhaps you only want/need one session).

  2. You have questions not answered here. Fill out the form below and let me know what they are. I'll get back to you within a few days.

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