Monetisation Transparency Statement 

The Buying/Selling Relationship

In the past I was very suspicious of websites that I deemed were attempting to sell me something, and I preferred to know about any buying/selling relationship upfront. It felt like I could make more informed decisions when I had this information.

I particularly detested websites and businesses pretending to give something away for free (but not) or who were trying to manipulate me into buying beyond what was actually right for me (putting themselves above me and other ‘customers’). And I had a mental story that self development, personal growth, or spiritual websites ‘should not’ sell, and should give away everything for free.

Wealth and a Consumeristic Society

I now realise reality is much more complex. I’ve made the decision to give away my core information for free because I want it to be available to the most people possible, and I understand and own my privilege that I was born into the top 10% of wealth in this world (as an Australian citizen), and that many of the 90% cannot afford what I could when it comes to accessing this information. (If curious, you can calculate how rich you are on a global scale:

At the same time I was born into a consumeristic society where we generally make money which we spend on needed and wanted resources by selling our time and/or services. I can challenge my society or flow with it or both, and there are consequences either way.

Our Pool of Energy: A Finite Resource

I have a limited pool of time and energy which I get to choose how to ‘spend’. By saying Yes to certain people, causes, values, and pursuits I am always simultaneously saying No to others. My choice. Your choice. How will we choose? How will we live?

I want to invest my time and energy in facilitating the journey of opening into intimacy in myself and others. That feels like the best fit for my unique configuration of passion / interests / temperament / intellect / life circumstances / past / growth journey / skills etc. It feels like my part in the global village of humanity (plus Earth plus Universe plus Everything).

I could do this on the side for free, while working for someone else (and I have done that, as part of the journey of creating this website and business, and still am at the time of writing). But that choice, while right at this time, means significantly less time and resources invested in this creation. My current choice is to grow the business portion of Intimacy Is so that it can become both self-sustaining-and-invigorating, and earn resources that could be reinvested in it or others’ efforts that are aligned with its spirit.

A New Way of Doing Business

So I am aiming to do business in a new way (as are many others), a creative and fluid form that takes the best from the business mindset (the orange ‘success’ tier of Spiral Dynamics), but marries this with the wider ethical considerations of the whole (which begin at green ‘community’ tier and unfold/expand into yellow ‘synergy’ and turquoise ‘holistic life support’ tiers). I am learning, and probably making mistakes, and also finding my way (alongside others like social entrepreneurs, not-for-profits, and conscious business people).

Currently my monetisation model is to give away my core information for free, but to monetise in various ways that I list below, as well as to sell more specialised information in forms like books, coaching, workshops, retreats etc (I also provide various concession rates and/or energy exchanges to make these more accessible). I am also looking to balance accessibility with the intriguing principle that people (of appropriate means in certain societies) only value that which has an assigned monetary value, and will dismiss it otherwise.

True Success and our Core Purpose

A last tenant of my business is that ‘succeeding’ or ‘failing’ is not as important as my core purpose in this world which is waking-up-to and living-in-flow-with oneness with Life/Love. It may be that failing in this business is a part of that, and I want to welcome and flow with that experience, if so. Everything is seasonal cycles, and death is a welcome part of living for me (because it is what is). Letting go of outcome, doing this for the sheer joy of it – for the way my soul sings as I create, tinker, and face and open into emotional challenges … that’s the end in itself.

Deeper in, my core purpose isn’t to run Intimacy Is (even though it represents and births out of my lifelong passion) – that is a surface purpose, not the core purpose of living. The core purpose for me (and I believe for us all) is Being. As I am true to being aligned with each moment, to making love with each moment as it makes love with me … well … I can’t help but ‘succeed’. That’s what true success is. May Intimacy Is take me ever more deeply into this aliveness, and facilitate the same in others.

Money Making Methods

Please feel free to learn from what I share here and apply it to your own conscious business models, as works best for you plus the whole that is Us. I’ll update this article as I add monetisation methods.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs pay a ‘finders fee’ (usually a small percentage or rate) on a commission or per-click basis in return for recommending their services and products. I only recommend what I have tried and benefited from, and which has a message that I can get behind (which may have been a match for an earlier stage of my journey as compared to now).

I would recommend these products in any case, but this is a way of earning a little extra from doing so. The win-win is that the seller gets more sales from people referred by my honest enthusiastic reviews that are based on personal experience. That’s why they have an affiliate program and essentially pay for those reviews.

Amazon Associates (Australia):
Legalese: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Relationship Coaching

Wikipedia defines life coaching as “the process of helping people identify and achieve personal goals through developing skills and attitudes that lead to self-empowerment. Although life coaches may have studied counseling psychology or related subjects, a life coach does not act as a therapist, counselor, or health care provider, and psychological intervention lies outside the scope of life coaching.”

It adds, “Relationship coaching is the application of coaching to personal and business relationships.”

I offer a form of relationship coaching which I call Connection Coaching both in-person and remotely (by phone and videocall) to individuals, dyads, and groups. The purpose is to help you relate more deeply and satisfyingly with yourself, with others (especially intimate partners), and/or with Life.

Connection Coaching:

Where to from here?

You may want to learn more about me. Or to explore this website.

More monetisation models will be added to this page as they come into existence. I wish you all the best as you come into a more healthy relationship with money, if that is your aim. And as always, I wish you more connection with the whole (or rather, to remember this, and live it).